Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And 2 makes 3!

Yes, it's pronounced the same... but it's not Emer.

There's a story behind this picture. A hilariously true story... that I have no business telling. Mostly because I would be very uncomfortable about it and most people would be like "What is wrong with this woman?!"

So All you get is this image. Think of your own reasons why she's dressed this way. And don't be afraid to juice it up!

Also she owns a costume like that... If she didn't, this picture would be totally naked except for the cowbell.


This is the same guy from this comic.

These things are so fun to do! I didn't think it would catch on for me, but damn... I got loads! And the fact they take 10 minutes each just make it even better. I'm gonna change it to pencil drawings though. It'll look better, if a little dirtier. I can actually fix mistakes after all!

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