Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm not pandering to your desires

I'm sick of this....

Do other comic writers have this problem?! 

This was a freaky and true coincidence. We were listening to music on shuffle and I'm So Tired by the Beatles just so happens to start playing shortly after a discussion on how long Dan has been awake. 

You'll be surprised how much my work is influenced by music. Even the Murderman! It originated from I'm Your Boogie Man, which is a song that could easily be about murder...

I even used it in this shitty animation featuring the Murderman . Shitty because I had no way of line testing and layering it properly. There was also very little time to get it done, as well as there being 2 other films to finish at the time. It's still my favourite piece I've done.

2nd year of college was fun. 

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