Saturday, February 5, 2011


I mentioned before that my Journal comics were inspired by Kate Beaton . Well Now I wanna talk about her(and some other artists) for a while. I'm not short on comics for here, I just wanna do this instead.

In the last few months, I've been heavily influenced by cartoonists and how they get by doing what I do! Sometimes I try to over-complicate things but these guys just show me I don't need to! Look at that duck comic! So simplistic, yet it's one of her most well known comics. THAT'S what inspires me so much.

Another reason I wanted to write this is because she posted updates on Twitter from her life drawing class last night... with hilarious results! (That's 3 separate links by the way!) And considering in my life drawing class I was forced to stay away from my own style and just seeing her blatantly use her own made me resent those forceful classes. It also gives me the knowledge that an artist, cartoonists in particular, is nothing if they don't have a distinguishable style. It puzzles me why people...other artists... don't understand that! If you recall my older post... the reason I started project December was because I was accused of all my characters "looking the same" when it was actually just an insulting comment that I have a distinct style!

Well I'm gonna stop this rant here and talk about the other artists. I was led to Kate Beaton on a forum one day, and promptly followed her on Twitter when I discovered she had one, and through that I discovered even more great cartoonists that served to inspire me just as much, if not more than Kate Beaton herself! First, there was Scott C. Probably most know for his artwork on the video game Psychonauts, but every weekday he releases a Great Showdown from cinema history. Then there was Emily Carroll, who really blew up after her amazing Halloween comic(That's even how I discovered her). And Graham Annable, who recently did ALL of the art and animation for a Professor Layton-like game called Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent. It's €5! Available on iPod, iPad and PC. I recommend it!

All amazing artists, and if you have any interest in my work, it won't kill you to look at their work!

Well that's all! I gotta get back to tomorrows Murderman comic! 

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