Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dan and Misty

The unsung heroes of Clockwork Pandas.

One of my biggest regrets in Clockwork is that I don't flesh out my minor characters as much as Ken. What's worse is... these 2 aren't even supposed to be minor characters. They're 2 of the 3 MAIN characters. At least...they're supposed to be... Dan is the cool, aloof one. Misty is the sassy, intelligent female...and not a love interest for anyone! Just to make that clear. But I feel these personalities have barely any presence overall in my quest to put more characters for Ken to interact with alone... 

There was a year long period when Misty never even appeared! So I'm writing chapter 5 of the Murderman for these 2. To show their end of the investigation. To show that Ken isn't as alone as he thought in the whole ordeal and how his decisions do affect his remaining friends.

But then, what if one if them is the Murderman? And what if the other has to die?

I'm totally encouraging speculation.

I guess that's all. Not much to write, I just wanted to express how I feel about these 2 somewhere other than the comments section of the comic. 


  1. noooo! you are not allowed to kill any of the main characters! It's written in stone...somewhere!

  2. But I already did!