Saturday, March 26, 2011

My future as an artist

I haven't updated here much recently. I have some reasons. First is I ran out of space in the sketchbook for those comics and I can't afford another one, leading in to the second reason. I have a studio! Yes ever since Project December I've been trying to embrace my cartoonist lifestyle and someone offered me a studio to rent out and get my work done in. I never really had a problem getting the time to do work (I did spend an entire day making a film after all), but I did need the space to do more work. Work further from the sketchbook, do some painting, which now leads into the reason for this post.

I painted todays comic. Sure it's not the first time technically. I DID paint those 2 Murderman pieces. But this is different, those weren't actual comics, with panels. They also didn't look as nice. Yeah I looked into doing some real watercolor work. And it came out fantastic. This is the first comic I have not had to edit and fix up. I just sorted out the speech bubbles and text and there ya go! I'm more proud of this comic than any so far. I did do some practice beforehand, if you saw that picture of the Murderman in the dumpster and the picture above of the doll on the coffin.

 Now to talk about the comic itself. I did it on Joan of Arc. Yes, Ken is a Frenchwoman... I know what I did. I wanted to make these history comics about specific people, rather than events and moments that defined them. It's a total parody, but this stuff actually happened. Joan of Arc was burned for dressing like a guy, (as a defense for rape, but I couldn't make light of rape!) and the whole vision from god thing lah de dah. I am smart...

See, I'm totally not ripping off Kate Beaton...

Yes, Ken does have pupils and eyebrows in one of the pictures...Don't ask

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