Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dragon Age Comics

I fought 2 more dragons after writing this comic! The results of the conspiracy are explored in the following 2 comics. 

I made a lot of these comics! Yeah, I decided to play through the rest of Dragon Age (The DLCs) before the release of DA2 on Friday and needless to say, while I was playing, I had some comic ideas... 5 of them! Janey Mack!

The easiest rebellion ever quelled! I am a silver-tongued GOD

I really don't know why this bitch thought it was a good idea to try and assassinate me. As I said before... 5 DRAGONS!
I got that quest wrong, then reset my game to try again... I got it even more wrong the second time! The repercussions were jarring! 

I just wish they let me have this guy in my party! 

The game tells me at the end that this guy ran around in a cloak helping those in need. There was also word of disease spreading and no one connected the 2 stories together. 

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