Monday, November 29, 2010

December Comes Tomorrow

Project December officially starts tomorrow! I'm excited... Though no one else probably is...
So I've decided to write this post to at least explain why I'm doing this.

It comes to my attention that some non-artistic folk consider my style "samey", that every thing I draw looks the same... Which is totally untrue... Have you read my comic?! Only the main characters look alike, if at all, but only because they're just normal people, unlike all the other characters... That's how it started and things gradually changed. Someone even stated that because a character in one of my films had shark teeth, like Ken, that I draw everyone with those teeth. 2 characters!? Out of I don't even know how many!? It's infuriating.

But to prove a freakin' point, I'm using this project to show that I don't have a one track mind! A completely different thing drawn every day! Of whatever the hell I want. I'm also using it to help me improve myself by forcing myself to have something done and completely finished within a day for 31 days. To others more used to working as an artist, that's probably an easy feat, but I still consider myself an amateur.

Yet I looked back on some of the early Murderman comics and am quite astonished at how far I've come in just a year and a bit.

Enjoy my work, because it'll be up here for the whole world to see in no time.


  1. I wouldn't say all your characters look the same, but you do have a definite style certainly throughout your comics.

    Strong contrast between whites and blacks with heavy lines. Or something. I really don't know anything about art or stuff.

    Can I suggest when all this December-art-ifying is done with you make some kind of collage of all the characters who've appeared so far in Murderman?

    Maybe then people will see that all the characters aren't just Ken, Ken with a moustache, Ken in a suit, Ken in a dress, Ken's silhouette, etc.

  2. I've drawn that collage up already. I wanted to use it as a header for my site =[