Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brand New World

My webcomic officially has a proper website

Yes I have a whole new website! Isn’t it nice?

The reason being, I really wanted to have an actual link rather than hellstrom.smackjeeves.com. I could have easily spent some money on Smackjeeves for that luxury and a few others, but quite honestly, I wanted better control over the site and its content and I have no ability in code.

That’s where WordPress came in! I’ve spent the last few days fiddling around with this and figuring out bits and pieces and I am so happy I decided to go for this! I have everything I wanted! The ability to navigate the comic from the homepage(I’ve wanted THAT for years), the ability to sort each little storyline into each little category. The ability to add my comics BEYOND Clockwork, like the 30 Days comics(which at this current moment only has 1 out of the 14 I’ve done so far in it), and my very own ad hosting :’D These are all big things for me.

I have been offered by some people and such about them setting me up with a nice comic site, but I didn’t really want to give anyone any hassle, so I did all this on my own! I feel I still have much to do. I barely just got all the comics up (Not all of them though, you should know. I decided to cut out some of the crap. Around 22 comics are gone) and I still have to do a lot more, which I now won’t get around to until the end of June… I’m barely making all these deadlines because of this (sure I haven’t even finished tomorrows comic yet as I write this) so I should get back to that… and while I’m at it… I’ve gotta cross post this everywhere!