Friday, January 14, 2011

Project December and Beyond

Good God! It was harder to do this one than the Tumblr! At least I could organise the Tumblr... I'm just not gonna post the images 

Well it ended 2 weeks ago now, but before I did this, I wanted to decide the future of these blogs (This will be cross posted on Tumblr). Before I get to that, here’s some of Decembers works. Pretty much just the last one and the Story of Gilbert Marlowe.... If you're interested in the rest, it wouldn't kill you to browse through decembers archive.

The Story of Gilbert Marlowe 

The Death of Cassandra Marlowe
The Journey of Gilbert Marlowe
Gilbert Marlowe Bargains with the Beast
The Resurrection of Cassandra Marlowe
 Well that’s everything. Now, the future of these blogs. I shall now be using them to post journal comics. Crappy, no effort comic based on real events. They’ll be entertaining I swear! The first one will be up soon.

See you Space Cowboy!

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